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ALB is an international joint venture company established by Feiya Electric, China & Albuwardi Solar, Kuwait. Feiya Electric, mainly manufacturing solar panel and solar air conditioner, started in 2007. As a complete solar solutions supplier, Albuwardi Solar started in 2009.

ALB is set up for branding strategy around the world specially focusing on engineering solar system service, R&D series solar power system solutions, solar cooling and solar lighting products. With the strong manufacturing over 10years , we have owned "Albugreen", "Recreate", "Albutraffic" brands of our different line products and markets over 50 countries. 

We have professional technical team, product R&D team, pre-sale consulting team, international trade team, and after-sales service team. For regular model products, we will strive to do better and better. And our R&D team can do customerized design according to the end market demands.

With our strong experience and professional team, we are confident that the best products and the best services will be provided to all our clients.
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